About SJS Proofreading


Hello! I'm Sarah. As a proofreader, I find all those pesky writing errors so that my clients can have peace of mind that their work is correct and turn-in ready.

I have always had a love for English, but I haven't always planned on turning my passion into a career. As a student, I was more business-minded and realistic. I took business and accounting courses and had dreams of living a successful life. Not to be rich, but to have stability and to feel fulfilled. Nevertheless, I constantly found mistakes in my textbooks. After graduating, I worked in a corporate office and for a marketing firm, with my most recent experience being in property management. I developed a love for paperwork and found errors that would have had serious repercussions if not caught. I became the go-to person when important documents needed to be proofread. 


With the growing freelancer movement, I realized that I could provide my proofreading service to others, so I completed the Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice course to polish my skills. During this rigorous course, I proofread over 3,000 pages of practice transcripts and studied everything from grammar and legal terms to commonly misused words, in order to prepare myself to proofread transcripts for court reporters. I was trained using NCRA guidelines and Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters, by Lillian I. Morson. I also use Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, by Margie Wakeman Wells, and The Gregg Reference Manual, by William A. Sabin as references.